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We are a family of 4, consisting of Nanna, Anne and her twin boys Helmer and Gustav.
We live at Kvål, not far from Trondheim and Værnes Airport.
Together with us, there are 6 white shepherd dogs and 1 cat.
Of course, our animals live with us and are part of our family =)
More information about each dog can be found on their own pages in the menu.



Anne, White Rewyr, Hvit Gjeterhund




Anne grew up with dogs, and she got her own dog when she was 18, the mix Tass'n.
In 1997 she got her first german shepherd, Hedda, and eventually they became active in obedience.
She has good results and was among others Norwegian Winner in obedience for German Shepherd dogs in 2005.

Anne is educated as a figurative for Mental Description (MH) and Functional Analysis (FA) and is an approved test leader for MH and FA.
She has trained and breed German shepherds from 1997 until 2014, and over the years has traveled extensively both domestically and abroad for both breeding and exhibition.

In 2005 she got her first White Swiss Shepherd, Vallgårdens Madam Alexis, which she imported from Sweden.
Alex, whom she was called on a daily basis, became the founder of Kennel White Rewyr, which was formed in 2007.
In June 2007, the first litter in the kennel was born, and Anne was one of the first to start breeding White Swiss Shepherds.

Anne has participated in many courses, including:
-Norwegian Kennel Club's Breeding School, Figurant course (MH&FA), test leader course, track, RIK basic course, IGP BH/VT, obedience course steps 1,2 & 3 etc.

She has also been active in the Norwegian breed club Hvit Gjeterhundklubb, where she has held positions in the board and the breeding Council. Today she is a member of the board.

Nanna, White Rewyr, Hvit Geterhund


Nanna got her first dog in 2002, a mix named Tico. As the interest in dogs increased, it did not take long before 1 became 2 and 3. The dogs were mainly family dogs and tourmates, but she was training obedience and tracking on a hobby basis.
The grief became great when she lost all her dogs in a fire, and it was too difficult to get a new dog.
It was the White Swiss Shepherd who eventually managed to raise the interest in dogs again, and that brought out curiosity and motivation to get a New dog. It didn't take long before she was captivated, an a WSS moved in, and 1 quickly became more!
With the dogs she has met up a lot in the show ring around Norway and abroad, and she has trained some tracks, obedience and rallyobedience.
She has attended many courses and is educated instructor. and
is also  educated as a figurative for Mental Description (MH), K-test, and Functional Analysis (FA)
Courses she has attended include:
-Norwegian Kennel Club's Breeding School, NKC Cynology course, NKC's course for breeding Council, Instructor course, tracking, obedience, Rally obedience, competition obedience, RIK basic course, IGP BH/VT
She is also engaged in the Norwegian WSS breed club and has hold several positions in the board, as well as sitting in the breed club's breeding Council. 

Today she is chairman of the breedclub's board, and also is chairman in the breeding council.

Together we have a wide experience with dogs, and we participate as often as we can on courses for replenishment of inspiration, knowledge and experience!
Both within the different sports, but also within mentality, Genetics and breeding.
Knowledge and generally good understanding of this is very important in order to be able to do a good job with our breeding and our breed!

© Copyright Kennel White Rewyr
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