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🇳🇴🌟NORSK VINNER 2020🌟🇳🇴

15.08-20 we participated  on Norwegian winner-show at Lillehammer, and what a day!!

Haylay became Best Veteran and won the title "🇳🇴Norwegian Veteranwinner 2020🇳🇴".

Our little Yava never stops impress us, she went stright to the top, became Best of Breed and won the highest title:


orm, og perfekt i lange tekstblokker.


This summer Hvit Gjeterhundklubb (The Norwegian breedclub for WSS) has arranged 4 specialshows for White Swiss Shepherds, and we participated on all 4. 

We are so incredible proud and humble for the results our dogs got! ✨🙌

Thank you to all the judges thinking so highly of our dogs 💖

Here is the highlights, look at  "News" for resultlist:


On the 4 specialtys we won:

🌟 4/4 x BOB

🌟2/4 x BOS

🌟3/4 x BOB Veteran

🌟2/4 x BOB Puppy

🌟 1/2 x BOS Puppy

🌟1/2 BOS Junior

🌟2/2 BOB Intermediate

🌟3/3 Best Breeder

🌟2 x Big-CAC

🌟11/16 BOB !!

Some pictures from the weekend, and of the prices we won:

1: BISS Orlanda av White Rewyr x BOS Veshukan Yori (Sat)

2& 3: Some of the prices we won

4: BOB Zalto av White Rewyr x BOS & BOB Veteran Haylay OTBB (Sun)

5: BOB Puppy Truls x BOS Cobra av White Rewyr (Sun)

6: 2 x CAC BOS Junior Artero av White Rewyr (Sat)

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