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The puppie gets/will be:


-Health certificate

-FCI Pedigree

-Registred in the Norwegian Kennel Club




-Insured to 8 weeks

-Agria's hidden fault insurance

-Dewormed according to recommended guidelines

-Fed with Qualityfood from Farmina

You get:


-Puppy pack

-Lifelong support.

-Regular puppy and kennel trainings in Trondheim.

-A serious breeder by your side who knows the breed very well

-For our puppybuyers in Norway we pay 

the membershipfee for 1 year to our breedclub HGK

K9 HUNDESENTER, Øysand, Melhus

We have made an agreement with K9 Hundesenter to give our puppybuyers an even better start to their life with the little pup from us    

The agreement gives you:


•Discount to K9 Hundesenters course.  (They have very skilled instructors!!)


•Puppy compendium - tip & advices

•Something good to the dog

•Discount on quality wool products from Canelana, both to dog and owner. 

•10% discount on Emigroom Dog salon

•10% discount on one purchase at K9's dogshop*

•All our holders will also get 10% discount on all K9 Hundesenters standard courses**

*The offer does not include products and services that is already with a discount

**We need to send a list with name on ours holders to K9 Hundesenter, so if you want to takeadvantage of this offer, you must tell us so we can include you on our list. This must be done before purchasing a course, if not the discount will not be valid. 
Discount that is not used, will not be refunded



-Wish that you, if possible, take a mental test on your dog when it's old enough.

-Requires that you insure your dog.

-Requires that you x-ray hips and elbows befor the dog is 24 months.

-Recommend that you attend to at least 1 puppycourse. 

-Will be happy if you want to attend at a dogshow.




Puppies from us grows up inside the house, and will be used to everyday sounds and activities

The puppie will get used to other dogs, cats and children.

They become well socialized and much handled, get their nail cut several times, and they will attend cartrips.

They will as long age and wether allows it, get to be a lot out and explore and unfold, both home and in New environments.

All puppies will be activated both physically and mentally

We give the various challenges in the form of eg obstacle course with different moving surfaces, tunnels, tarpaulin, tilt, swing and varied elements of toys and sound. During these activities, we always follow the puppies carefully and ensure safe and self-building play and activation. This way we get to know each puppy very well, find their strengths and weaknesses and can adapt the daily challenges of building the puppies based on their level and starting point.
The goal is to stimulate each one to be curious puppies who are built up with a sense of mastery under controlled conditions.



We think this is important for the puppy to have a good start to life, and to prepare them in the best possible way until they are out in the big world.

© Copyright Kennel White Rewyr
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