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NEWS 2020




03.10-20 we had 4 dogs attended to the White Swiss Shepherd club's mentaltest in Trondheim.

All 4 had some excellent tests, all open and friendly to people, non of the dogs was affected to gunshots, they had lots of will to play, and showed us some good qualitys we want to see more of in our breed!

We are really proud of the results at the test, it shows us that we are on the right track regarding our breeding and the breeds mental healt.

Thank you so much to our puppybuyers who attended the test with us, it means the world for us to get to evaluate our breeding/offsprings, so we can breed even better in the future! 


Results from obedience-competition:

🌟Ragnhild Wærnes and Xaga av White Rewyr🌟has attended a couple of obediance-competitions this fall, and together they have had great results!

27.09-20 they entered Class 2 for the first time, and what a debut!

1 price, and winners of the class! 💪🙌🏆🎉

11.10-20 they entered class 2 again, and they repeated the last time's result, 1 price, and class winners!💪🙌🏆🎉

They are now ready to start in class 3 😍

Well done ladies, it is WELL deserved results after some hard times with illness.

We look forward to follow you in the future 😍



National Dog Show, September 6. 2020
Judge: Antonio de Lorenzo


«The Prince» did it again! 💪🙌🏆🎉

🌟Zalto of White Rewyr 🌟
Repeats the results from yesterday, with great critique 💪

🌟 Zalto AWR - Excellent, CQ, 1.BM, BOB and 2.BOG!! 💪🏆🎉🇳🇴

Congratulations to owner Kine Guttormsen, well done! 💪


National Dog Show, September 5. 2020
Judge: Per Kristian Andersen


«The Prince» did it again! 💪🙌🏆🎉

🌟Zalto of White Rewyr  - Excellent, CQ, 1.BM, CAC, BOB and

As if this was'nt enough, Zalto ended the day 2.BOG!! 💪🏆🎉🇳🇴

Congratulations to owner Kine Guttormsen, well done! 💪


Results from NKK Lillehammer 🇳🇴Norwegian Winner-show, nordic show 🇳🇴 15.08-20
Judge: Mette Tufte


🌟Yava av White Rewyr

🌟Haylay OTBB -

🌟Yava AWR - BOB 🥇🏆


🌟Zalto av White Rewyr - 1.VG 🥈
All champions "must have" a VG 😉



🌟Yava av White Rewyr -
Exc, 1.chkk, CQ, 1.BF, Nordic CAC, BOB aaaand:
🇳🇴 NORWEGIAN WINNER 2020 🇳🇴🌟🥇🏆🎉🍾


🌟Orlanda av White Rewyr - Exc, 3.chkk🏅


🌟Haylay OTBB - Exc, 1.vtkk, Best veteran, aaaand:


A wonderful day in lovely weather!

Very pleased to go home with 2 new titles on three dogs, specially when it was for a so strict judge as this one!

Only three dogs got CQ, out of 24 dogs! So the judge did'nt waste her prices  😅

Thank you so much to Farmina Pet Foods Norge for an fantastic dogfood bringing our dogs in excellent condition! Only the best is good enough!🥇💪


This summer Hvit Gjeterhundklubb (The Norwegian breedclub for WSS) has arranged 4 specialshows for White Swiss Shepherds, and we participated on all 4. 

We are so incredible proud and humble for the results our dogs got! ✨🙌

Thank you to all the judges thinking so highly of our dogs 💖

Here is the highlights, look at  "News" for resultlist:

On this 4 shows, our dogs won all 4 BOB/BISS!!

On 2 of the shows it was xtra prices for Best junior and Best intermediate, and the mainspecial also had extra prices for:  Best head & expression, best movement, best coat and colour, and for best longcoat 

Briefly summarizes we got:


🌟2/4 BOS

🌟2/4 BOB/BISS Puppy

🌟1/4 BIM Puppy

🌟1/1 BIM Junior

🌟2/2 BIR/BISS Intermediate

🌟3/4 BIR/BISS Veteran

🌟3/3 Best Breeder

🌟Challengecup for Best Breeder at the HGK's Clubshow

🌟Best head & expression

Total results from all show's:



Another lovely day at Drammen! 😍🤩

🌟Yava av White Rewyr BOB 🎉
🌟Haylay OTBB BOB Veteran 🎉
🌟1 & 3 Best female 🥇
🌟4/5 classwinner 😃
🌟White Rewyr Best Breeder 🎉


All showresults from the Hvit Gjeterhundklubb’s Covid’19-show in Drammen 09.08-20
Judge: Anders Tunvold-Hanssen

6-9 female
🌟Coco Chanel av White Rewyr - 1.VP, Price of honor (POH)

🌟Crown av White Rewyr - 2.VP, POH 🏆

🌟Cobra av White Rewyr  - 3.VP, POH 🥇🏆

🌟Zalto av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.aukk 🎉🥇🏆

🌟Arctic Frost av White Rewyr - 2. Very Good


Open class
🌟Bery Menulio Sviesa - 2 Excellent

🌟Yava av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.chkk, CQ, 1.BF, BOB!! 🎉🥇🏆

🌟Orlanda av White Rewyr - Exc, 2.chkk, CQ

🌟Haylay of Trebons Berger Blanc - Exc, 1.vtkk, CQ, 3.BF, BOB Veteran!! 🎉🥇🏆

Kennel White Rewyr
Price of Honor, Best breeder! 🎉🥇👍


Rasespesial nr 3:

What a amazing day at HGK's clubshow in Drammen! 😍🤩

🌟Yava av White Rewyr BOB/BISS 🎉
🌟Zalto av White Rewyr BOS 🎉
🌟Haylay OTBB BOB/BISS Veteran 🎉
🌟Cobra av White Rewyr BOB/BISS puppy 🎉
🌟Zalto av White Rewyr BOB/BISS Intermediate 🎉
🌟1, 2 & 4 Best female 🥇
🌟1 best male 🥇
🌟White Rewyr Best breeder, with Price of Honor 🎉

Showresults from Hvit Gjeterhundklubb’s FBBSI-show in Drammen 08.08-20
Judge: Leif-Herman Wilberg

6-9 female
🌟Cobra av White Rewyr - 1.VP,POH (Price of honor) ,BOB puppy 🥇🏆

🌟Crown av White Rewyr - 2.VP, POH, 2.BF🥈🏆

🌟Coco Chanel av White Rewyr - 4.VP


🌟Zalto av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.aukk, CQ, BOB Intermediate, BOS!! 🎉🥇🏆

🌟Arctic Frost av White Rewyr - 2 Very Good


🌟Beatrix av White Rewyr - Very Good, 4.jkk 🥈


🌟Bery Menulio Sviesa - Excellent, 2.akk


🌟Yava av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.chkk, CQ, 1.BF, BOB!! 🎉🥇🏆

🌟Orlanda av White Rewyr - Exc, 2.chkk, CQ, 2.BF!!

🌟Haylay of Trebons Berger Blanc -  Exc, 1.vtkk, CQ, 4.BF, BOB Veteran!! 🎉🥇🏆


Kennel White Rewyr
Price of honor, Best breeder!! 🎉🥇👍


Specialtyshow nr 2:

Juhuu!! We got another amazing day at Hvit Gjeterhundklubb's clubshow!🤩

🌟Zalto av White Rewyr - BOB
🌟Haylay of Trebons BB - BOS & BOB veteran
🌟 Cobra av White Rewyr - BOS Puppy
🌟 Artero av White Rewyr - CAC
🌟7 av 8 classwinners
🌟 1., 2., & 3. place in BM
🌟 1., 2., & 3. place in BF

Results from Hvit Gjeterhundklubb’s Clubshow 19.07-20
Judge: Michael Laub

🌟Cobra av White Rewyr: 1.VP, POH & BOS Puppy

Junior male:
🌟Artero av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.jkk, CQ, 3.BM, CAC! 🤩🥇🏆

Intermediate male:
🌟Zalto av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.uhkk, CK, 1.BM & BOB!! 🏆🥇🌟

Open male:
🌟Yaro av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.akk 🥇🌟

Champion hann:
🌟Phoenix av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.chkk, CK, 2.BHK!! 🤩🏆🥈

Champion female:
🌟Orlanda av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.chkk, CQ, 2.BF 🤩🏆🥈
🌟 Yava av White Rewyr - Exc, 2.chkk, CQ, 3.BF 😁🏆🥉

Veteran female:
🌟 Haylay ofTrebons Berger Blanc - Exc, 1.vtkk, CQ, 1.BF, BOS !!! BOB Veteran!!🥇🏆🥰




Breedspecial nr 1/main-special: 

Saturday we participated in Hvit Gjeterhundklubb’s breedspecial, and WHAT A DAY!! 🤩

Tromsø, 18.07-20
Judge: Antonio Di Lorenzo

🌟Orlanda av White Rewyr BOB/BISS! 🏆🥇🏆🥇
🌟Cobra av White Rewyr BOB/BISS Puppy 🥇🏆
🌟Zalto av White Rewyr BOB/BISS Intermediate 🥇🏆
🌟Artero av White Rewyr BOS Junior🥈🏆
🌟Kennel White Rewyr BISS Breeder 🥇🏆

🌟 1., 2. og 3. BF
🌟 2., 3. og 4. BM
🌟4/8 nr 1, 3/8 nr 2, 1/8 nr 3
🌟Zalto best head & expression
🌟Artero av White Rewyr Club-CAC! 🏆🎉

🌟Cobra av White Rewyr - 1.ML & BOB/BISS Puppy! 🏆🥇🏆


Junior male:
🌟Artero av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.jkk, CQ, 4.BM, CAC & BOS Junior! 🏆🥇🏆


🌟Zalto av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.aukk, CQ, 2.BM & BOB/BISS Intermediate! 🏆🥇🏆


Openclass male:
Yaro av White Rewyr - 2 VG 🏆🥈


Champion male:
🌟Phoenix av White Rewyr - Exc, 2.chkk, CQ, 3.BM! 🏆🥈🏆


Champion female:
🌟Orlanda av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.chkk, CQ, 1.BF, BOB/BISS 🏆🥇🏆

🌟Yava av White Rewyr - Exc, 2.chkk, CQ, 2.BF! 🏆🥈🏆

Veteran tispe:

🌟Haylay of Trebons BB - Exc, 3.vtkk 🏆🥉🏆

Our dogs also got nominated to several prices:

Best head & expression:
Haylay, Artero, & Zalto who also won this!🏆🥇

Best coat & colour:
Artero, Zalto 🌟

Best longhair:
Orlanda, Zalto & Artero 🌟

Best movement:
Orlanda & Zalto 🌟

Kennel White Rewyr’s challengecup for best junior was awarded to:
Jeppetollern’s Light Glow 🏆🥇
Congratulations to Lilli & Bent 😊

Kennel White Rewyr’s challengecup for best breeder was awarded to
Kennel White Rewyr 🏆🥇

Kennel White Rewyr’s diploma for the kennels best dog at the show (except from ours) went to:
Zalto av White Rewyr 🏆🥇


 🌟We expect puppies in august! 🌟

See our site "Litterplans" for further information.


Results NKC Trondheim, (Cruftsqualification) 27.06-20

Judge: Anne Indergaard

What a day for White Rewyr at NKC Leangen! 😃🤩
Wonderful company, lovely weather and great results!!

🌟Yava av White Rewyr new Norwegian champion, BOB & Crufts-qualified! 🥇🏆
🌟Haylay BOB veteran🥇🏆
🌟Hexe crufts-qualified! 🥇🏆
🥇4 out of 5 possible classwinners🥇


🌟B’Oy av White Rewyr - 3.VG

🌟Zalto av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.aukk, CQ, 4.BM!🎉


Open class:
🌟Yava av White Rewyr - Exc, 1.akk, CQ, 1.BF, CAC, CACIB, BOB🎉
Crufts-qualified!! 🎉

Veteranclass :
🌟Haylay Of Trebons Berger Blanc - Exc, 1.vtkk, CQ, BOB Veteran 🎉

🌟Hexe HOTWS - Exc, 1.jkk, CQ, 2.BF
Crufts-Qualified!!! 🎉
Congratulations to owner Ann Christin Storteig Nygård 💖

Thank you so much to Farmina Pet Foods Norge for qualityfood who brings out the best in our dogs  🏆

And thank you to all our friends who shared the day with us and helped us in the ring, you are the best!! 💖


🌟Norway's most Winning BBS 2019🌟  (Norwegian Kennel Club)

We are proud to announce that Wakana av White Rewyr became Norway's most winning BBS in 2019!

She beat number two with 17 points, very well done of our young star!

Congratulations to co-owner Ann Christin Storteig Nygård, and thank you for all the work you do with the dogs!

💎 NV'18 NUCH SV'19 Wakana av White Rewyr 💎


On HGK (The Norwegian breedclub) general assembley 2020, we was awarded the following prices:

🌟Breeder of the Year 2019

🌟Showdog of the Year 2019

🌟Best Veteran 2019 

We are very proud to receive both "Breeder of the year" and "Showdog of the year" two years on the row!

We even had 8 of the Top 10 showdogs!

The results (On our dogs) on the Top 10-list was: 

1: Wakana av White Rewyr

4: Zalto av White Rewyr

5: Yava av White Rewyr

6: Lisel Witte Duivels Domein

7: Orlanda av White Rewyr

8: Zoria Moria av White Rewyr

9: Chesto of Trebons Berger Blanc

10: Artero av White Rewyr


🌟 We have puppies 🌟

22 january Bery gave birth to 7 puppies, 4 females and 3 males!

Bery and the little ones is doing just fine!

After the first four puppies, the birth stopped. Unfortunally we, for the first time breeding BBS, had to rush to the vet to take a C-section because ther was one dead puppie blocking.

The operation went well, and the other three was strong and in good healt!

Now we look forward to the next 2 months, to get to know them all <3

Follow us on FB "Kennel White Rewyr" to see pictures and videos of the little ones









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