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NEWS 2021



We are very sorry to have to inform that Orlanda will not get puppies as we hoped.

She unfortunally got an bad uterine inflammation and had to be castrated.

We are devastated, and can just apologize to all those who want a puppy from this combination

We might do an even better combination with the same male, so stay tuned!


🌟Congratulations to Mari Espelin and Alvin av White Rewyr who passed the SAR's C-leveltest!

One step closeer to the goal to become approved Avalanche Rescue Dog🌟


🌟 We have puppies 🌟

15 january Bery gave birth to 7 puppies, 5 females and 2 males!

Bery and the little ones is doing just fine!

Now we look forward to the next 2 months, to get to know them all <3

Follow us on FB "Kennel White Rewyr" to see pictures and videos of the little ones

All puppies are sold.









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