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- Our goal with the kennel is to breed healthy, functional and breed-type dogs.

-We strive to breed as close to the breed standard as we can in order to take care of the White Swiss Shepherd, as the White Swiss Shepherd is supposed to be both mentally and externally.
We spend a lot of time and research when planning a litter, and we strive to create good combinations to bring out puppies that we think will bring something positive to the breed, in both exterior, mentality and good qualities for various dog sports.

- For us it is important to have a "transparent" breeding. By this we mean that we are open about both the positive and the negative that comes out in dogs from us.
Therefore, we publish all health-related results on our previous litters under their respective pages.
When breeding, it will sooner or later emerge conditions With offspring that are undesirable, although the breeder have done a thorough and good preparation in their breeding work. It's not all a breeder can predict or load, but it's important to be open if such things occur.


White Rewyr is a approved breeder in the Norwegian breedclub, Hvit Gjeterhundklubb, and breeds as a minimum after the breedclub's laws and regulations.


All our dogs we use in breeding should be:
-HD X-ray free. (HD A / B)
-AA-X-rayed free. (AA: 0)
-MDR-1 tested. (Only free or carrier is used in our breeding, carrier is always bred to free to avoid offspring that are affected)
-DM-tested. (Only free or carrier is used in our breeding, carrier is always bred to free to avoid offspring that are affected)
-MH-tested (Mentaltested)
-Set for an official show with minimum Excellent and CK (Champion quality).
-Minimum 2 years before they go to breeding. And NO ONE is used in breeding until they are ready for it, both physically and mentally.
-Free for faults and defects which on exhibition are considered disqualifying faults.
-Functional and healthy, both physically and mentally.


Our litters is approved in the Norwegian breed club Hvit Gjeterhundklubb,
and they fulfills the club's laws and guidelines for breeding.


For our puppies, our goal is to find good life-long homes that offer puppy mental and physical stimuli.
And not least an inclusive life where the dog gets to be an natural part of the family!
The WSS is a social breed and it will gladly be where the action is =)
-It is importent for us that "the right puppy comes to the right home".
It is important for the well-being of both puppy and puppy buyer, and the conditions for a long and good dog keeping are then present from day one.



-For our buyers we want to be available for advice and guidance from day 1, and as long as there is a desire and need for it!
-We strive to breed functional and healthy puppies with good physical and mental health, so our buyers will have a family member they can enjoy in a long dog life.
-To maintain a good contact so that we get feedback on how "our" puppies have it.

© Copyright Kennel White Rewyr
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