Puppyplans 2022!



We have puppies!
4'th of august 9 puppies was born, 5 females and 4 males. Both mother and puppies are doing just fine!

This is a combination where we expect active puppies with a good exterior, which will be well suited for show and dog sports.




Both mother and father are social and outgoing dogs with good mentality.

Dad is imported to Sweden from Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is a Swedish track champion and competes in obedience, among other things.

He has several well-known good dogs on the pedigree, such as Yole vom Sutumr Grund, Bossanova von White Angel, Zenado vom Terlüner Schloss, Baron vom Schloss Stutensee among others.


Ea, the mother to the litter, is from our own lines on the mother side, she is the daughter of Only Nala av White Rewyr who is after our beloved Chesto and Eiffel.
Ea's father is the well-known Chuck vom Reinholdsberg who became World Champion in IGP-FH and competes and does well on several sports. You will find several exciting and good dogs on Ea's pedigree aswell, such as Akhiro vom Altvistal, Hariom-Micka of Skah Dakota, Ice-Cool of Haely's Future amongs others.


So here are several world winners and multi-champions, but also world champions and others who has compete in high classes in IGP and other sports!

Together with good pedigrees and 2 parents who complement each other well, we hope and believe that this litter will be good working, family and show dogs!


Next litter is planned for winter 2022-2023

The mother of this litter will be Yava av White Rewyr.

Information about the sire will come

For more information, you are welcome to contact us!